Free Toppings

Our massive array of different burger toppings offers countless delicious burger combinations. Are burger toppings and sauces are made with premium produce and fresh herbs from local Alberta and B.C. farmers.

Classic Mustard Smokey BBQ Sauce Natural Old-Fashioned Ketchup Fresh Rodeo Relish.  Made the real way with Cucumbers, fresh Herbs and SpicesSouthwest Sauce.  The perfect Mild Mixture of Mayo, Mustard & Chipotle Peppers Fresh Salsa, made 3 times daily.  Red onion & CilantroCaramelized OnionsRibbed Center Cut Pickles Pickled Beets.  An unbelievably  tasty burger topping!Hot SauceClassic MayoSliced Green Chillies.  Gives your burger a little heat!Fresh Sliced OnionsFresh Crisp Iceberg LettuceRibbed Center Cut Pickles Rodeo Sauce.  The perfect mixture of mayo, mustard, salt & peperChipotle Ketchup.  Ketchup with a quick!Fresh center-cut Jalapenos.  A spicy burger topping.Fresh Sauteed MushroomsFresh Center Cut Tomatoes Banana Peppers.  Gives your burger a nice zip!