Reviews from Our Customers

The best burger in Edmonton by far!

by Kyle G.

Ever since Rodeo Burger opened up, I have been a regular visitor. Whether you’re feeling like having a good burger or trying to get rid of your hangover, Rodeo Burger has you covered.

Their burgers are entirely customizable and offer great unusual toppings like avocado, jalapeños, cream cheese, eggs, etc.. You also get a choice of cheeses which is always nice as well.

The fries are delicious. I always get the seasoned fries and sometimes pick up some of the honey dill dip for some extra flavour.

The service here is always quick, but sometimes you have to wait in line as it is so close to the U of A.

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My hubby says it’s his favorite place for burgers!!!

BY Jennie M.

* Original review from 16 Feb 2011*

Great place for burgers, they use 100% beef in their burgers (not like the “100% real beef” at some burger joints), they have fresh buns delivered from Bee Bell Bakery Daily & their pickled beets are to die for!  They have customizable burgers as well as signature burgers (ex. Rodeo Burger, Lonestar, etc) & they’ve recently added an Aussie Burger!

(Toppings include but are not limited to: picked beets, jalepenos, banana peppers, green chilis, cream cheese & chilis, mushrooms, carmalized onions, onions, lettuce, tomatos, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, mayo, mustard, ketchup, etc.)

I am not a fan of fries in general, but their fries are to die for!  They are thin & crispy – but not dry…they can be sprinkled with sea salt or seasoning salt.

Their dessert cookies are also delicious – chocolately crispy caramel goodness!  (If you’re not stuffed by the time you’re done the burger & fries).

The only reason I say it’s not good for groups &/ kids is I go during peak lunch hour & it’s always packed & at times you cannot find a place to sit.   I’m sure if it’s not during peak hours it would be good for groups & for kids as well.  The staff is always friendly, they take the orders quickly and do not make mistakes…the wait for the burger isn’t long but it is excruciating to watch people at other tables eat the mouth watering burgers!!

*Edited to add on 19 Feb 2012**

The new Nameo location (16045 97 Street) is just as delicious!!  It was just as busy as the University location when we stopped by for an early lunch this weekend.  The only thing I thought they’d change was the poor staff member needing to shout out order numbers (it gets a bit difficult to hear what number is being called when it’s busy).

My hubby says it’s his favorite place for burgers!!

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Best burger while visiting in Canada!!

BY JohnS.

Got hungry while visiting in the area.  My sister recommended this place.  Me being a 5G and an I-and-O burger FANATIC, I set my expectations quite high before entering.

Here, you pick your burger and toppings, and THEY put it on (very important for me!)  In addition to the many regular fresh toppings, They have some interesting toppings I hadn’t seen before at a burger place – guacamole, pickled beets and green chili’s.  And there own signature sauces.  Also have veggie burgers.

I got a double with “all the way” toppings and seasoned salt fries.

The fries were EXCELLENT – definitely in “the best” league.  I’m not a big fries fan, but these are truly extremely tasty.

The burger was EXCELLENT – definitely rates up there with the big boys.

You pay a bit more $$ for these burgers, but it is worth it.

I’m a Rodeo FANATIC!

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